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What's Sea Moss, And Why Do You Need It?

Sea Moss gel is a powerful superfood that contains up to 92 of the 102 (90% of the) minerals your body needs! It is a type of red algae that grows on the Atlantic coastlines of North America, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. 

Since the 1800s, the Irish have been harvesting it from their rocky shores for medicine. Many studies show its effectiveness as a remedy for various conditions. Sea moss has been known to:

All our Sea Moss is ethically sourced from the island of Grenada.

We are excited to get you the freshest, most natural Sea Moss. That is why we grow, harvest, and ship our Sea Moss directly from our ocean farm in Grenada, West Indies.

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At Craigswholelife, all our products are individually-verified for their organic purity, durability, and cultural authenticity. If you are here, we appreciate you greatly; and we invite you to join us on our path to absolute mastery of the health benefits of our wildcrafted Sea Moss.

Our mission is to bring you individually curated high-quality natural Sea Moss and natural detox products sourced from nature’s cradle, to help with your reconnection with nature and to fully reap the inherent health benefits, as well as help make a unique lifestyle statement in your home or office.

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After 30 days of Sea moss use

Ways To Use Sea Moss Gel

You don’t need to change your diet drastically just to start seeing the benefits of using sea moss. This supplement is incredibly easy to use. Simply blend it into one of the following:

  • Teas
  • Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Soups
  • Thickening agent for lots of recipes
  • As a Topical agent for the skin (facial)

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Gold (Natural) Sea Moss Gel 16oz


“I started adding it to my daily Plant Based Protein Shake every evening!!! Love your SeaMossGels!!!” – Janelia P.

Retail Price: $40.00

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  • Gold(natural) sea moss gel is a superfood to help you improve your immune and digestive systems because of the abundance of fiber in it.
  • It will remove mucus from your body and support thyroid health. 
  • It aids in weight loss, and you’ll feel refreshed after it removes the toxins from your body.
  • Easy-to-digest gel form gives you better results than any other form of sea moss intake.


  • Sea moss
  • Alkaline water

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Elderberry Sea Moss Gel (16 oz)


“I’m secretly obsessed with it!!! The packaging was also good” – Charlotte M.

Retail Price: $45.00

Your Price : $39.99


  • Elderberry is one of the world’s most commonly used medicinal plants, and it gives you immune support against cold and flu symptoms.
  • You’ll stay healthy as it’s a good source of Vitamin C, D, E, and Zinc.
  • Improve thyroid health along with your gut health.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties decrease inflammation, which is helpful for people having arthritis and joint inflammation.
  • Easy-to-digest gel form gives you better results than any other form of sea moss intake.



Sea moss, alkaline water, and Elderberry.

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Maca Sea Moss Gel (16oz)


“The bestest sea moss everrrr! Been started seeing the impact on my health already”

– Chloe L.

Retail Price: $45.00

Your Price : $39.99


  • Maca, a Peruvian plant grown in the Andes mountains, has been used as food and natural medicine for thousands of years. People used maca, particularly for enhancing fertility and libido.
  • It balances hormones, enhances mood, and provides good reproductive health.
  • Consuming it reduces terrible menopause symptoms.
  • Along With reducing erectile dysfunction, it also helps boost energy and endurance.
  • It fights free radicals and helps you improve learning and memory.
  • Easy-to-digest gel form gives you better results than any other form of sea moss intake.


  • Sea moss
  • Alkaline water
  • Maca

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“I was super excited when I got it in the mail yesterday! I just took my first couple of tablespoons this morning, which was super yummy. I’m a very health-conscious person, so this was definitely something that I wanted to try. I’m so happy I like the taste and consistency.”

– Amanda C.


“After doing a bit of research, I found that sea moss is actually something that is worthy of being added to a diet. I found it for a great price here, and I was super impressed. It’s everything I wanted it to be and then some!”

– Georgina S.


“I always wanted something I could slip into my regular meals or smoothies to add vitamins. And this is the one I needed! I love making smoothies and milkshakes with it. It never adds any weird flavor or lumpiness.”

– Emma K.


“I was scared the first time trying Sea Moss. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I saw  inside the package. I followed directions, add it to almond milk, some nuts, and made it into a smoothie.”

– Heather W.


“I definitely saw some great results it has provided an increase in hair and nail growth as well as a general sense of overall wellness improvement. I’m so excited. I think this has many benefits. But you should be able to handle the marine smell and taste.”

– Katerina G.


“I was always amazed by the variety of benefits sea moss provide. I was very happy with this product, and I’m super satisfied after trying and comparing this with a similar brand. I will be shopping here again!”

– Roger R.


“Ive been using it for a long time now , I have no complaints what so ever! Ive referred it to my best friends too! Shipping is fast and the packaging was well. I had less pain in my legs and joints after using it.”

– Florida H.


“The amount of health benefits that have been squeezed into the gel is amazing. I take one a day and I am thinking about increasing it to two times per day. My skin has really started glowing and I have been receiving more compliments!”

– Jenny F.


“This is an amazing product. 5 months ago I weighed 259 pounds. I am now down to 180 with healthy eating and exercise. I no longer take psychiatric medications. I take sea moss with elderberry syrup.”

– Shreya J.


“Definitely a good energy boost.”

– Rose K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Moss, also known as Irish moss, is a type of seaweed that is commonly found along the coasts of North America and Europe. This red algae is a source of carrageenan, a food additive that is used to thicken and stabilize food products. Sea moss is also used in cosmetics and skincare products due to its high content of minerals and vitamins. In traditional medicine, sea moss is used to treat a variety of ailments including colds, coughs, and digestive problems. Recently, sea moss has gained popularity for its purported health benefits, including boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and aiding in weight loss. While more research is needed to confirm these claims, sea moss is a Dietary supplement that may be safe to consume and may offer some health benefits. There is no intent for this content to serve as medical guidance. See a medical professional for advice on your health.

Grenada is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea. It is known for its beautiful beaches, lush tropical forests, and spice plantations. The island’s warm climate and rich soils make it an ideal location for growing sea moss. It has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for a variety of health conditions. Our sea moss is 100% wild-harvested in Grenada. It is hand-harvested along the rockiest part of the island to ensure the highest quality for consumption. When harvested properly, sea moss can last a lifetime. So why not try adding some to your diet today? You may just be surprised at the difference it makes!

Sea moss can be consumed in a variety of ways, and the recommended daily dose is between four to eight grams. That’s equivalent to 1-3 tablespoons. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your health, consider adding sea moss to your diet. It’s an easy and delicious way to get the nutrients your body needs.

Yes, sea moss gel can be eaten all by itself! This unusual plant has a very neutral taste, making it popular among people who want to add extra nutrition to their diet without changing the flavor of their food.

We harvest sea moss from the Island of Grenada.

Yes it is safe for the use of children.

We’ll ship your order within 3-4 days.

You’ll get the most popular benefits if you add it to your lifestyle. Sea moss has been known to:

  • Support thyroid and digestive health 
  • Improve immune system
  • Provide joint pain relief
  • Promote female and male vitality
  • Aid in healthy weight loss
  • Promote Healthy Heart
  • Build muscle
  • Lower bad cholesterol 
  • Decrease Inflammation 
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Encourage bone development

3-4 weeks n the refrigerator 6 monthsin the freezer

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