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About Craig's Whole Life

My friends and customers have always found a curious fascination with my attraction to all things healthy and natural. I think I am simply reflecting my appreciation of the elegant simplicity and allure of nature. But quite apart from that, and perhaps more importantly, it is my silent protest at how far removed we have become from the healing effect of nature. As an avid life-long practitioner of vegan dietary philosophy, a fitness enthusiast, and an advocate of nature’s best products, and their aesthetic and healing effects, I see the creation of craigswholelife as a culmination of my passion to preach what I have always practiced, to show the world the health and beauty that nature affords, at incredibly modest price points. I will be doing this one product at a time.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to bring you individually curated high-quality natural Sea Moss and natural detox products sourced from nature’s own cradle, to help with your reconnection with nature, and to fully reap the inherent health benefits, as well as help make a unique lifestyle statement in your home or office.

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